Team Photos

Here’s a small collection of team photos throughout the years—all of which are, among others, featured in the “2021: 15 Years of Purdue Hurling” calendar!

These charming individuals composed the original Purdue Hurling Club in 2005.
Sadly, this lovingly-drawn flag seems to have been lost to time since this 2005 photo.
The 2006 club took the world by storm with its brightly-colored jerseys.
The 2007 club wore significantly more colorful pants than their predecessors.
The 2008 club, pictured alongside equally colorful opponents.
The 2009 club exhibited a precipitous decline in stripy socks from the preceding year.
The 2010 club lounged around in style.
The 2011 club won the 2012 NCGAA Hurling Championship!
The 2012 club lacks a descriptive comment.
The 2013 club survived despite reduced size.
…and the 2014 club held steady.
The 2015 club came roaring back with the first set of black jerseys.
The 2016 club inked a deal with 9 Irish to bring the jerseys to their current form.
The 2017 club maintained their Midwestern dominance.
The 2018 club attracted fans willing to brave the cold.
The 2019 club fought hard in Orlando on the eve of the coronavirus.
The 2020 club played among themselves for the 2020 Tetanus cup.